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June 12, 2006


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That is WONDERFUL!!! I know you must be so proud and so excited. Congratulations Elias!!!


congradulations!!! we are all so proud of him with you! :) i am an attorney who used to represent special needs children (usually in the foster care system) and it is wonderful to read your story and see all of the support and love you give to little Elias. thank you for your story. :)


We are all doing a big happy dance for you. Wow. What incredible, great, wonderful, stupendous news. Elias, you are one amazing little person! Christy, you are one amazing mom.


Yay!!! Congratulations!


...and look at that wonderful smile.I can tell he shares in your excitement. Children are amazing, I often wonder what goes on in their head as they put all the things toghether that allows them to reach that next important step. Elias is no doubt saying "Hooray! I KNEW I could do it!" I cheer him on from here!


Congrats Mom, Dad and Elias! What an accomplishment. He is truly a remarkable little boy!


Way to go Elias, you are the definition of persistence.
I'm sure that you try and succeed as hard as you do because you know that you will always have your parents there to catch you. You are truly a miracle, may your soul keep shining through and your achievements continue to inspire us all. XXOO


I'm giddy for you! Here's to the big beautiful milestones!!


I'm crying and covered in goosebumps! Yay...a million times, YAY!


That is such fabulous news! I'm so happy for all of you. I love that look on his face, and I'm so glad your tears are for joy this time. Hooray!


Yipee! That's wonderful news and I'm thrilled we get to see pictures too! He looks as proud as you sound. Way to go mom + dad!


How terrific!


Yay, Elias! That is wonderful, completely exciting news! And those happy pictures are the best.


Just goes to show you, you don't need many words to totally move an audience. Wow - and congratulations!

Melissa Wiley

OH!!!!!! I am bawling here! You know I know just how you feel! Oh way to go Elias!!!


You go, Elias! Congratulations to everyone involved in this beautiful milestone!!! And thanks so much for the pictures...it's great to see Elias in action!


Oh. My. God. How absolutely wonderful and exciting. Be proud, mama, that boy is a wonder on top of a miracle on top of a wonder.


What a beautiful post and great pictures. Hooray!


Wonderful! He looks so beautiful with that radiant little face.


That is sooo awesome!! I am so happy seeing those pictures.. he is such a cutie!


Oops! I just posted my comments to this entry on a different page. I said that Elias will be teaching us a thing or two on the soccer field in no time. Congratulations on this great accomplishment, Elias!


I am crying for you -- how wonderful! YAY for Elias!

Momma to ex-25 weeker, Isaac Levi


That is so awesome!


not sure what happened to my comment..lol but that was not it..lol Mary above me has my comment.. lol


oh please just ignore me.. im an idiot..lol I just realised the name is under the comment.. DOH!!

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