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June 23, 2006


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What a beautiful, curious face! And the blonde curls, my goodness!


Since I have to be inside (instead of playing outside) I read your entries from May - June. I started yesderay, but had to stop. I just finished.
You and your family are doing such a fine job. I'm sure it seems fine now, as your blog village is catching up on what you guys have been tackling and groping with for 2 1/2 years, in just a few short months.

There is so much I would like to share, which I won't do here and now. I guess one thing that is amazing is that becoming a mother has a way of binding women soul to soul. I'm probably like you in many ways, in terms of being physically strong, embracing the earth and the dirt. Not real girly. But being a mom opens me up to most moms, and makes me more compassionate and understanding. Being a mom helps you love children for who they are.

One last note. Your mother's day post was great and wise. It strickes me personally, as I presently work with 4 fellons, all of which are mothers, in the prison system. They love thier kids, but thier addictions hold them captive. After a year (since I've known them) they have all completed rehab, and are essentially fellons on the streets (it's called conditional release, they still have 4-5 years left on the sentence, but they live in society). Society scorns them, but they are still mothers who love thier children. Thanks for remembering these ladies in your mother's day post.

I'll catch up with you later, Christy. NOW GET OUTSIDE!


P.S. That Elias is so dang cute! Beer, oh dear!


Better listen to that little boy, mama! He looks very determined, and very much in charge! What a beautiful shot of a beautiful boy...consider me in your family's corner for life!


Great picture!

I was so touched by your previous post....

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