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June 21, 2006


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Sorry to hear that the surgery is postponed, after all that build up. Although I know there is some relief, too.

There's so much that's difficult about being in the hospital, waiting for surgeries, and all that other guck. I've enjoyed reading stories from parents and nurses about the good stuff, too.

So, thanks, and (also) thinking of you.

(I so giggled at your crushed censor post below, btw).


Hey Christy! This is my first time posting a comment, but was linked to your site by Mom's Daily Dose with regards to Elias' first step! I just wanted to tell you that my boyfriend also has Cerebral Palsy and it was quite an accomplishment when he took his first step. He walks with two canes now, and still has great trouble standing unassisted, but he is mostly independant. I know that every person's situation is different, but I just wanted to share that there is someone here that also loves someone with Cerebral Palsy. I have nothing but best wishes for you and your family through this surgery. Much love!



I thought of you last night as we were watching the sun set over the water. My friend's sister is in Anchorage, so he called her to see what time their sun would be going down. Sorry about all of the surgery anxiety. Am sending good vibes your way.


I thought of you yesterday, too, and wondered if you had sun all day long.

Sorry the surgery was postponed. I hope you don't feel even more anxious about it.


Hey Christy, well....I did it again. I was just going to check and skim your blog during a quick lunch break but was pulled again deeper in to your life, family, passion and pain...I love to read your process. Thank you for sharing I know how hard it must be some days but what a gift to those of us who find hope in your heart spoken words. Lov K


Ugh. Hope he feels better soon and you can get this done and move on.

Corrie Lynne Player

Hi, Christy,

Karen Knapstein sent me your blog address--I'm a recently signed up ClubMom expert. But my main reason for sending you a comment is that I'm from Alaska--my family homesteaded at Kenny Lake in 1947; they were the first homesteaders in the area. I grew up there and went to high school in Anchorage.

When I met my geologist husband, he was delighted and we spent the first 15 years of our marriage in Alaska.

Anyway, I know the uncertainty and prayers that go with raising a handicapped child. One of my sons was born seven weeks early, but he's grown now and doing well. He's a screen writer and has three sons of his own.

Best wishes to you and Elias,

Corrie Lynne

Cass Clark

I am touched by your story. My 5yr old is a blessing I did'nt know what unconditional love was until I felt her move in my tummy. I read your blog and my heart aches, I tear up and think why can't this be easy for them, what is God's plan for this family. I can't answer, but I can pray for you and know that you are a strong woman. You keep making those decisions for your Monkey. Don't question what is good for him, you know in your heart what is good for him. He needs as much "normalacy" as you can give. Pray. Ask for strength and guidance. Ask for blessings for this child. Thank you for touching my heart and opening my eyes to the other side of the world. Blessings. Cassandra.

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