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October 26, 2006


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Ready. Steady. Go, Elias and Christy!


Zoom on, Elias!

That Girl

You are a wonderful mother and a brilliant person. You shine.

Mom and Dad

Go Elias!!!! Try and catch him! Good choice Christy!


I used to have a pair of black Airwalk sneakers with red, orange, and yellow flames stitched on them. They were my favorite shoes ever, but the boy at the shoe store could not believe I was buying them for 30-something female self.

So I say, good choice!


I can't wait to see pictures!


I can't wait to race. . .


Go Elias Go!

stephanie f scudder

Hey christy - it's one of your roommates from colby college - i'm sooooo glad i landed on your page - hope all is well and that you keep posting pages about happenings in your life - your son is gorgeous and obviously a blessing in your life - you are very lucky, Elias will always love you and will keep that smile going strong! Lots of love - colby scudder


We all have to endure the sluggish insurance process before there can be any races or pictures--not sure how long it will take but I've been warned by other moms in Alaska that it could take months.

Robbin, I would have liked those Airwalk sneakers too!

And Colby what a surprise to hear from you, I'm glad you found my page and will be in touch when things slow down a bit, Christy


You should consider getting padding on his little feet the next time you get him fitted. My boyfriend says the unpadded braces make it difficult for him to stand for long periods of time (think about how you would feel standing on hard plastic all day). Just a suggestion! I hope your little unit is doing well!


Flames are cool. I love that. A few years ago one of the kids in my preschool class had a leg brace with aliens and spaceships on it.

The mom was a little worried about what the other kids would say about the brace. Only one kid ever commented. He looked hard at the brace, then up at the other little boy "Hey. Are those SPACESHIPS on your leg thing?"



And that was that.

Here's to mobility, full speed ahead and all flags flying. Go Elias!

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