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March 29, 2007


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That was my first thought - gosh, he's looking so BIG! Especially in the ones with the bear hat on.

Kris H.

WOW! They really do look alike!


He is starting to look like a big boy! It's been almost as strange watching Elias grow up as it has been watching my own kid.

My husband and I were just admitting last night how sad it made us to see Harry grow up. He seems like such a, well, a BOY now. I keep looking under the covers in his bed trying to figure out where I misplaced the baby.

Reading your blog has touched me beyond belief


Wow! They do look a lot alike! I love seeing all of Elias' bears -- you really kept him busy :-)! Have a wonderful weekend. Sending lots of love. xo


Wow, Christy...has he grown recently?? He just looks like such a grown up guy in these photos!!


i love reading your blogs, and you really should print it all out and send it to get published, this is honestly some of the most beautiful writing I have ever seen, it would be such a great thing to have in the NI to offer moms to read about yours, Nicks and Elias's journey.


Hey there Christy - yep, Elias sure does look like her.

By the way - I have presented you with a Thinking Blogger Award at http://www.thethinkingblog.com/2007/02/thinking-blogger-awards_11.html - but it is sort of memish which I sort of have a problem with - so if you want to do the "rules" bit, fine, but I won't take it back because you always make me think...


Oops - gave you the wrong link lol - shows how much I am "thinking" - http://jeanieinparadise.blogspot.com/2007/04/brain-on-notice-what-or-who-makes-me.html#links


Christy, he surely is growing on up! wow. and the resemblance to his aunt Lyndsey seems to be in the compelling gaze...quite uncanny.

hope the schoolwork is unwinding well, and the "fried" passes soon.


Hey, those pics are so cute.

BTW when you are in Oregon on your trip you should swing by and do coffee with Dorothy and I. We live in Oregon:) (Portland area)


Thank you Tara!!! I hope to one of these days but your words make it seem more plausible.

Thank you Jeanie!!!! I love knowing you are across the world reading and thinking and I'm honored by your choice.

Thanks Becci! It would be great to meet you...when it gets closer to the trip, I'll be in touch with folks who we may be traveling past and who have written their whereabouts.

And yes Robbin, yes Kyla, I don't know what happened to my baby boy:)


Hi Kristy-
I'm Judy's daughter (in GP). I think Elias also looks like I remember Nick looking when he was pretty young, but yes, he looks like Lyndsay too. Just found you blog today...procrastinating on grading papers with grades due tomorrow! Our son, Casey, is also part of the EI world, we just had our first meeting to write the first IFSP. He's hard of hearing and just going through his small disability make me admire you and Nick more and more. Tell Nick hello for me.

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