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March 23, 2007


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Very, very sweet! Happy Birthday Nick!!


sweet tribute.
happy birthday to another fabulous march baby!


Happy birthday Nick! I hope you get plenty of blue skies, deep powder, amazing vistas, strong coffee, rich beer, and lots of love and contentment. You really are one of the great ones. Great friend, husband, dad, and a great man. Your presence in the world is a blessing. Have a wonderful birthday! Lots of love


What an amazing testament (? sp) to your love. Nick is a lucky guy! BTW, happy birthday Nick. I'm a March baby too.


Happy Birthday, Nick! Christy is lucky to have you. And I sure like having a brother-in-law who cares so much for her.


Happy birthday!


tears in my eyes. the picture of Nick feeding Elias is profoundly beautiful, and i'm at a bit of a loss as to why...it must be the gentleness and protectiveness that are both so clear in his stance and his hands.

happy birthday, mister. :)


Happy belated Birthday, Nick!

Kris H.

Happy Birthday Nick!


Happy Birthday, Nick! Hope it was a wonderful day!

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