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March 26, 2007


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That sounds like so much fun!! We'd love do travel cross-country someday..maybe we'll have enough money someday. =)

So, how does April look to you guys? =)

(Sorry I haven't been posting much, we've had a lot on our plates lately)


Wow! That sounds amazing!!


sweet merciful god...y'know, i seldom realize how lazy i am until i read your blog. now i'm sure.

that sounds like an amazing adventure and even though i am having a minor panic attack imagining it (my exercise bike scares me, road bikes make me palpitate) i am impressed. and excited for you.

and in love with your summer front yard.


Can't wait to read about it!


Freaking AWESOME! I'm so pumped for you guys! Such a well deserved break from the grind.
Lots of love,


And then comes August. . .


That sounds like a fantastic trip to go on. We traveled back & forth from TX to MA on vacations. It takes between 36 & 40 hrs 1 way. We just meved back from MA. The drive back was beautiful in Oct. Seeing the different states in Oct. from all the colors was great. WE went thru 8 different states on the way home. It was good to get home. I do not think I could ride a bike even half that far.(2000 miles) Good luck & have loads of fun & many posts to let us know how it is going. Ok


So um I have a lot of riding to do to actually get in shape for this trip so right now in theory it is an excellent idea and well needed but we'll see how I feel over the Cascades.

ah yes August...when we will be back in AK to host Jess, Brian, and little Annie and to show off our great state. Yippee.

And flowers, sweet flowers.


This is my first time commenting, and I find you a very strong mom & wife. I really enjoy your blog!

What a wonderful trip! I'm afraid my knee wouldn't handle it well, but I am envious of your family trip. As an Idahoan, please visit our wonderful state, and if possible visit little Burley (south central on Snake River), it's a great place to stop, if you ask me! But I'm biased, I live there!


My calves hurt just reading this post. But, also, my little dreamer heart says, "Yes! Yes!"

I can't wait to read about this experience with your family.


I can't wait for summer either:). What part of Wyoming are you traveling? I am in Cody....if you are going to visit Cody let me know. Elias and Emma would be an awesome pair:).

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