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April 18, 2007


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Of course there will be so many who try to diffuse their grief through the blaming and judging.

What a lovely post that what would truly help us heal is a surplus of love.

You and your family are a constant testament to that fact.


"All I can do is grieve, as I slowly replace guilt with acceptance, blame with forgiveness, fear with love. And in a culture fueled by fear, we could all benefit from a surplus of love. "

This fantastic pair of sentences can and will do wonders for many people, thank you for sharing so much of yourself.


So many people - and so many cut down in their prime. Who knows what contributions they would have made, whose lives they would have touched. Murders don't just rob their victims, or their victims's friends and family. They rob us all.


Recently, I was talking casually with a mom of one of my students. Her child hugged and hugged and hugged me. After a few minutes of this, the mom tried to shoo her child away from me. I stopped her and said what I always say in these sorts of situations: there aren't so many hugs in the world that we should be discouraging them.

I agree, a surplus of love will never be too much.


I just watched part of the video Cho made and I have no love for him right now and yes I wish to god he had gotten help sooner and that authorities could have intervened with all the warnings, but even with the violent writing, stalking, mental illness etc, no one, except Cho, could have predicted this.

I guess I just needed to make it clear that blaming the murderer is a righteous part of the process (with forgiveness possible but not anytime soon)--its all the misdirected anger and finger pointing at people for what they could not know that gets to me. Ugh.

Yes, more hugs, more love...please.

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