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April 15, 2007


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?Every so often, he graces me with a flicker of eye contact, as his pupils momentarily connect with mine. My heart skips. It's falling in love for the first time mixed with maternal longing."

I love this!


I can't help but think Elias and KayTar would get along famously. She requests (read as: demands) us to repeat her words back to her. I think they would be instant buddies.


I love it that Elias has chosen this fun fun method of communicating. What a smart little boy and what a great mom you are!

Mae Ann

Christy, I loved reading your writing. You shared so much about how, how the processing of his looking .....seeing....understanding....helps him make sense of what he sees. You will continue to inspire many.



I am absolutely, positively in love with your child! He is so adorable and strong. Your writing does a marvelous job of portraying what he is doing and feeling and you are so brave to let us see your feelings so bare and naked, with out hiding them or sugar coating them. You are just awesome! :)


Not less than...just different. No one else could say it as well. You are one hundred percent, absolutely correct.

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