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April 23, 2007


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What a day! and what a battle! I bet Elias thinks you hang the moon now. ;) Way to go, tough Momma!


I believe everything happens for a reason - the timing of the struggle with these goats was impeccable.

I love your writing, by the way. Always makes me cry, and I can be a tough nut to crack sometimes.


Grin - what a story!

And yup, just let go and he'll get where he's going. Elias I mean.

(At about that age, folks started mentioning ADD in reference to Toby. You just don't know yet. Hold tight. Right now, we still think "maybe" re Toby and ADD, but probably not. But still, maybe.)


a classic story
...and quite powerful in it's lesson.


Thanks for sharing!


I can't tell you how much those goats remind me of my son. If I want him to do something, I have to make sure that he feels it was his idea. If I try to force him, he digs his heels in...the minute I "let go" of my expectations, my will, the more he is willing to do what needs to be done...sigh.


absolutely nothing to do with goats..

i have been reading you for a while now and just wanted to take a moment to say how much i admire you and your writing. I think you are incredibly strong and brave. Elias is absolutely adorable and so very lucky to have you as his mom.


ps, i hope this didn't come out sounding oogy, just one mom to another is all :)


hahahaha, I wish I could have been there to help you;)


No, not ooogy, thebgirl,nice, very nice.

I too wish you were there Becci, and what i thought to myself later, after no one offered their help, is that no matter how connected we are, we still face most of our deepest struggles alone.

And yes, everything happens for a reason, and those goats are certainly metaphors, and what they taught me I will need to learn again and again.


y'know, Lebo can be a bit goaty too sometimes in that way. as long as he thinks it was all his idea he's fine though. wish I could call you up but it's too late. but I'm thinking about you guys and the big yellow fellow (or the short big yellow fellow) today.


You can add "goat rescuer" to your list of extraordinariness! I'm sorry about the IEP, I feel sucker punched for you. I think it is going to be so great for you guys to get away for the summer and leave all the labels, charts, appointments, and the endless "to do" list behind, and just bike. It's amazing how burning thighs force you to not think or worry about anything else but getting over the hill. Sending love and positive thoughts your way.


Those are some wise goats, teaching priceless lessons. :)


i feel sucker punched for you too, with that IEP goal articulated...i guess you're there, living with those fears daily, but way out here i'm just hoping you get a break, counting, thinking it must be time. but the goats...oh, how you made me laugh in that awful, shrill "this ends well, right?" kind of way.

you will do this well, whatever it is you need to do for Elias. you wrangle goats, for god's sake. but i hope the break comes, and soon.

Vicki Forman

This was amazing. If you can wrangle goats you can do anything. But I think you know that....


I don't think I could have taken on goats. But I guess we learn what we can and cannot do unexpectedly.

Mae Ann

Hi Christy. You are doing some very powerful writing. And some very powerful sharing. I believe that your writing will prove to be a good sounding/grounding board for your thinking through so much. As always, I am listening, and so proud of what you do as a mama.
Mae Ann

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