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May 03, 2007


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I'm thinking we gotta start having a bbq for Toby's happy homecoming day!! What a great idea. Definitely unlike ambivalent birthday, and ambivalent due date day...

Their talk at this age just kills me - "OK - Yias OK" *how* cute is that.


...Out for summer
Out till fall
We might not go back at all...


Random or not... I love your writing.

From now on I will never think of my elbow the same:)


I LOVE that Cinco de Mayo is Elias' Homecoming day. It seems fitting, no? A political independence day AND an excuse for him to do tequila shots someday? ;)

In keeping with the randomness of the entry, I leave you with lyrics from Mel C's one and only solo hit, found on the "Bend It Like Bechkham" soundtrack. This is technically a post break-up song and contains lyrics like, " I'm not thinking about you, I'm happy without you" which does not apply here. However, you can hum loudly over those bits and then really belt out the chorus. :)

"This is my independence day/
My independence day/

No matter what comes my way
I'm gonna live for today
This is my independence day."

P.S. Did you know you can get a DUI for wheeling yourself around in a wheelchair while drunk? It's true.


This may go beyond random to ironic but we just returned from a bike ride in the middle of which I FELL and landed on none other than my ELBOW!

I'm ok but my elbow will be talking to me for days to come. As will my bruised and road-burned hip.

Silly bike for getting caught in the railroad track.

I did not know that you could get a DUI for wheel-chairing drunk. I knew about biking (I did not drink tonight, I promise mom, though I can't speak for my bike.)

Thanks for all the lyrics...more off-tune singing for the family to enjoy! And thank you Mel for the love:)

Off to rest my battered body.


Happy Homecoming Day!!! Little Elias was every bit as adorable as the big kid he's becoming is!

mae ann smith

Happy, happy homecoming celebration to you Christy, Nick and especially to Elias. You both are doing so much and so wonderfully as parents. I wish you a wonderful summer of fun just playing outdoors and enjoying each other.
Mae Ann

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