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June 26, 2007


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Just popping my head up to say how much I am enjoying your biking adventure!!


Did you know I was born in Cody, WY? Well, you do now. :-) I'm sending cool weather thoughts to you as you continue on your beautiful journey from my home state and through my birthstate. Thinking of you often-


Long time lurking local, first comment back to you: You'll be rememberin' that baked in sun next January when it's ten below, I'll bet! Isn't it so nice to get back to taking a long exhausting outdoor trip, after the baby days when you couldn't really take Elias many places? Good for you for taking the extra effort to show him how great the outdoors is. And I adore your parents-- they are awesome for logging so many miles!


Sounds like quite the adventure, Christy! Your stories remind me, at times, of our hike in Main all of those years ago! I hope that you are having fun and that you are rescuing folks from any moose that might be peeking into your tents at daybreak.

Keep enjoying your amazing ride!

lots of love,



Thanks Jeanie!

Glenna, I knew you had a Wyoming connection but I did not know where--very cool. I'll share more pictures when I return.

Laurie, thanks for reminding me to hold onto all this heat for our Alaskan winters. Its 101 degrees today and it'll keep me from complaining:) Thanks for your first comment too.

Oh Anno I think about you and our first extended outdoor adventure all the time. And baby number two?

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