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June 25, 2007


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I just love this picture of Elias in his orange shirt and hat, with his walker -- taking on the world! Go Elias! Go Christy! You and your family are doing an awesome thing -- not only the incredible trip, 'cause seriously girl, you are TOUGHER than me! But just taking him along and letting him explore, even when you want to protect,wow -- you are teaching him there are only the limits we place on ourselves. Good for you!

Vicki Forman

Amazing. I'm telling you. He's about to ditch it. Just keeping up with his intrepid parents has taught him that wheels are great and life with no wheels is even better. What a lovely post.


hey christy,
i write this comment from a hotel room( only because camping with 2 basset hounds is not in the cards) in bozeman, montana, we're traveling on 90 west and if you guys are on the same highway, (I'm watching for bikers) wave if you see a purple cooper loaded down with bike and snowboard attached since that would be us. your trip looks like it's going amazingly and Elias looks great as always, you not only write wonderfuly but take amazing pics too!!! Bike safe all of you!!

Alexandra Heidinger

While I realize Mrs. Everett is in terrific shape, I was surprised to hear how much cycling she was doing on this trip. Until I saw your last biking photo. Now I get it--she's in it for the tan. LOL! Have fun guys.


You know my Mom Al!

Tara, we werent on 90 but I love to think of you peering at bikers and wondering...

And Vicki and Jennifer, your words inspire me. Thank you.

That Girl

Since I havnt said it lately (even though Ive been reading) - you are the best writer.

Please write a book for all the new moms. I try to think of you as part of my mom chain - a mom who sometimes shows me the way and sometimes needs a hand herself but all of us going in the right direction.

Please write a book.


I love the idea of a mom chain and that we all sometimes need a hand at the same time we stick one out.

And thanks That Girl for the book encouragement, it is in my head and heart to do once I can convince my body to spend more time cloistered away writing...well..and when Elias will let me.

Your words help though.

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