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June 25, 2007


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Have fun out there, Christy!

liz r.

so fun to hear all your montana adventures. We just returned from the ranch and had a wonderful week riding horses. A bit tough entering our home one dog short, but with everything comes a reason and a turning point. Being wide open to these emotions sure is openning me up to the pain, but I am finding joy as well....
Everytime I read this blog I holler up to skip your locations and where you are headed as he lived and worked and paddled in a lot of those areas before moving up here. A distant connection, but none the less a connection.
I am off to maine next week for 2 weeks...Look forward to seeing you soon.
When are you back in ak?
Big hello to your folks and the family! what a fulfilling experience you are having- those memories will last forever...
liz r.


We only have three days of biking left but wont be back in AK till the end of July. We spend a few weeks in Oregon with Nick's family before driving up North. Keep those emotions wide open and I'll be in touch when we return:)


OH!!! I wish that I had known that you were here...in Cody!!! I would've had a fry with you at McDonald's!! Our kiddos would have loved each other. I'm glad you enjoyed the beauty of our land. It's been SO hot!! I can't imagine biking in it....you go girl:)!


Last summer, I biked 17.2 miles through Yellowstone. A big accomplishment for me for several reasons, not the least because I'm a low-altitude girl and it takes me a week or two to get adjusted.

One of my bestest friends and her family live in Cody. I loved visiting her there and I am still in awe of Yellowstone. We did a lot of exploring and since my friend is a wildlife biologist for Yellowstone, we got to see some amazing "off the beaten track" sights.

And I had a close call with a Bison and an RV while biking...truly the definitive Yellowstone experience.


Angie, I wish I had more time in Cody to hang out with you and get a local's tour, like Paige's Yelowstone adventure...sounds wonderful!

Mary Pomeroy

WOW....I love reading your ventures whether it is biking or nimming in a ditch with wedding clothes on. I can't wait to see all of you upon your return to the Great Land. I have missed all of you. Enjoy your journey back. Have a long soak at the Springs!! Hugs, Mary

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