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July 08, 2007


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Christy, Nick, and Elias...
Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us here on Armour Dr.
Know that we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Nana and Pop back here. And, that we will take good care of them until you next see them.

Much love from us here on Armour Dr.


What a handsome little boy!


Elias looks so handsome and grown up. I wish I could have seen him walking down that aisle!


look at your boy! i was all teary just reading about him walking down the aisle, Christy.

and then falling in the ditch. :)

you done good.


In that first photo, I thought "Wow, he looks so grown up. Is it just because his eyes are closed and he isn't smiling that beautiful smile?" and then I thought "HAIRCUT!" It took me a second to realize why he looked so mature all of a sudden.

He is still your beautiful boy, though, through and through.

the mad momma

Well it's really quite a downer to know that I'm almost in tears seeing his little curls all chopped off. and yet.. he is such a handsome little man walking down the aisle.. bless him


A Beautiful Family you have. I always enjoy reading your posts. You say what every mother feels for their beatiful babies.

Thank you for sharing


I too am all teary eyed reading about Elias as ring bearer. What a handsome little guy!


MM, I told Nick I was never cutting his hair again and I keep gently pulling on his bangs as if I can make them longer. I'll get use to his new look I know but i don't think I'll ever get use to the strange sense of loss that comes with his growth. I mean, he could be a man someday and that is impossible but true.

Thank you all for kind words, for making me smile every time i read a new comment. For being there.


elias looks so grown up with the new coif, it's so great reading all his adventures and some misadventures like falling in the ditch. having known him since day 1, i love seeing him grow through your posts, he is a remarkable boy with remarkable parents.


Yes, I laughed along with your other readers about Elias nimming on g'parent duty. Then I cried when I got to the "not seeing them until March" part. Saying goodbye to the grandparents is one of life hardest tasks for me. My parents only live three hours away (I know...I REALLY shouldn't complain), but it's so, so, so hard to watch them leave.


Oh my goodness! He is truly a little man now, and an incredibly adorable one at that. Leave it to the Alaskan barber to go big :) He looks adorable Christy, and I can't wait to hold him in my arms in a few weeks! Love the story about the ditch...sounds like he had fun nimmin!! Love you guys...have a safe journey home!

That Girl

That "big boy" haircut also does it. I admit to crying at the end, him poling up the isle with his lip. Totally him. It is such an honor to know these kids, isnt it?


He's such a sweet little boy. I love his photos. I also understand the pain of that haircut. For me, it happens every time they get their hair cut. They grow up too fast.


What a handsome little man in his haircut! Oh my gosh, he has come so far!

Kristin Thiel

Hey Christy! Audrey told me to come check out Elias' new haircut so here I am! Conrad too just had his first real haircut. On Alex's birthday he wanted to buzz Conrad's hair. It was his birthday, I couldn't say no! I did, however, almost pass out.;) He too became a little boy in an instant!
But now, with the hair out of his eyes, we discovered Alex's forehead. :)
Hope you're having a wonderful trip and hope to see your family when you're back in AK.

mae ann

Hi Christy, Nick, and Elias. I read your blogs but often don't have time to respond. You are a wonderful writer Christy. And you have a special gift of sharing what it feels like to be a mom.....most people can't do that, but you do, and your stories bring out all the senses/sensations of mom-ness. And your photos were just wonderful. How cute Elias looked in every scene. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and let me know if you ever need a back up baby sitter.
Mae Ann

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